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The Ambrose story

Ambrose Farm traces its origins back to 1959 when Stephen Ambrose planted his first tomatoes. At that time, the farm was a side business for him as he was working full time in the Mushroom Mines. In 1964, he married his wife, Betty, and together they grew both the business and their family. It was also a significant year because it's the year they planted and began selling our now best-seller - sweet corn. 

When Stephen retired in 1981 and switched to full-time farmer, the scale of the farm began to change. Over the next few years, Ambrose Farm turned from a simple family enterprise into a bustling small business. In 2001, Wes Ambrose, Stephen and Betty's son, joined the business along with his business partner, Tom Livingston. Most recently Steve Timko joined the Ambrose family in 2020.

Today we farm 250 acres of land and employ over 80 local workers in the field and store. All of our produce is harvested locally by community employees. We are thankful to have the opportunity to provide fresh produce for the community for over 60 years and we look forward to many more years of service. 

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